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2017 1 PCMain topic: Malware, adware, spyware, ransomware, allware … virus protection (principles, technology, news)

YEAR: 2017  |  ISSUE: 1  |  PUBLISHED: 28.3.2017
rr These articles were subject to peer-to-peer review.


Interview with Ivana Janů

Interview for this issue of DSM was conducted with Ivana Janů, chairwoman of The Office for Personal Data Protection. We discussed both the processing of personal identifiable information and the cooperation with EU and upcoming General Data Protection Regulation. We will also find out about some news in The Office for Personal Data Protection.
 DSM | page 6

Mobile ransomware rr

Milan Bartoš
This paper discusses ransomware for mobile devices. It deals with the specifics of such ransomware, used payment methods and ways of spreading ransomware on mobile devices. Finally, it gives recommendations on how to defend against ransomware.
 DSM | page 17

Case study – Defence against ransomware in Česká pojišťovna

Tomáš Bartoň, Petr Štengl
IT Security team of Česká pojišťovna focused mainly on active defence against penetration of malicious code into their network and security analysis for the protection of data against encryption. By sandbox deployment into the e-mail infrastructure, they were able to significantly increase the security protection of corporate data against attacks. Based on the obtained statistical data, this solution was very effective against ransomware.
 DSM | page 21

Preparation for GDPR in practise – Part I. rr

Michal Nulíček
There has been said a lot about GDPR in our magazine and it is time to have a look at what it means to fulfill the conditions of the new regulation in practice. In the beginning of the first episode of GDPR in practice, for last, we summarize the essentials and get acquainted with a preparation plan. In the following parts of this series, we will discuss each phase of the plan in more detail.
 DSM | page 24

Security framework for IIoT – Part II. rr

Jaroslav Dočkal
The first part of the series of two articles discussed the new security framework for industrial Internet of Things published by Industrial Internet Consortium. In the second part of the series we will describe the structure of the building components of IIoT and protection will be discussed in greater detail for one of them – endpoint devices. From the article, it is clear that this category of devices, due to the often autonomous nature of its operations, requires a specific type of protection.
 DSM | page 29


About DSM - peer-reviewed magazine

DSM (Data Security Management) magazine was established in the second half of 1997 to create a professional-level periodical magazine, which would bring high quality and up-to date information on the status and development in the area of information security. It publishes theoretical works, the results of research activities and practical applications, reviews and consultations. Top experts participate in creation of DSM, which guarantees a high quality of the contents.

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