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DSM 2017/2

2016 2

Main topic: Intelligent Network and security

 PUBLISHED: 29.6.2017

rr These articles were subject to peer-to-peer review.

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Interview with Jeff Bardin rr

Pavel Krátký
Jeff is an executive director and chief intelligence officer at the Treadstone71 company. In his previous career, he worked at massive corporations such as General Electric or Lockheed Martin. We’ve asked him about his opinion on information wars, propaganda and misinformation.
 DSM | page 6

Interview with Sean S. Costigan rr

Pavel Krátký, Radim Kolář
Sean S. Costigan is professor at George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. He is an expert in addressing new security challenges and he has published all sorts of materials in the area of national security and foresight. His current research and teaching deals with relationships between cybersecurity, criminality and terrorism, which we have discussed.
 DSM | page 10

Interview with Andreas Uhl rr

Pavel Krátký
Andreas Uhl is a professor of computer sciences at Salzburg University. In the domain of biometrics, he focuses on the ques-tions connected with biometric systems robustness and security, especially in the area of fingerprint scanning, iris and vein patterns. During our interview, we focused mainly on questions regarding the practical applications of biometric systems.
 DSM | page 14

Interview with Antony Verheijen rr

Pavel Krátký
Antony Verheijen is a Chief Information Security Officer at Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and is the drivetrain behind projects aimed at improving cybersecurity resilience on the Schiphol Airport. In the interview, he talks about how the LVNL approaches cybersecurity.
 DSM | page 17

Security amplification protocols rr

Radim Ošťádal
The article reviews most important security amplification protocols that are suitable for ad-hoc networks of devi-ces with limited resources. We show their usage directly for wireless sensor networks that are part of the broader concept of the internet of things. We discuss and evaluate different designs as well as approaches to secrecy amplification, together with their advantages and disadvantages.
 DSM | page 19

Legislative requirements for the functioning and protection of intelligent measurement systems rr

Václav Stupka, Tomáš Pitner
This article is focused on roll-out of smart meters in electric energy grids. One of the main related issues in pro-tection of information systems and communication infrastructure, which is used to remote access to the smart meters, and security of the data generated and processed by the system. This article discusses current and future legislation that puts requirements on the functionality of intelligent metering systems and which governs the data protection and infrastructure requirements of these systems.
 DSM | page 23

Security framework for IIoT – part III. Protecting Communications and Connectivity rr

Jaroslav Dočkal
In the second part of the series, the structure of the IIoT security parts was described and the first one, in par-ticular, the protection of the terminal equipment. In this part of the series we deal with the specifics in terms of communication and communication protection. The article points out that there are two basic types of protocols used (MQTT and DDS), which implies the need to create a further type of gateway between them. The paper also focuses on the possibilities of ensuring DDS security.
 DSM | page 29

Encryption as one of the cornerstones of information security rr

Vladimír Smejkal
Encryption, cryptography or other similar means of ensuring confidentiality are part of the obligation under certain regulations, partly by a voluntary solution adopted by the controller of the information or communication system. Cryptographic protection is a powerful tool, which importance is constantly increasing. The reasons why to en-crypt should result from risk analysis and be confronted with an analysis of economic efficiency.
 DSM | page 33

Data Protection Officer rr

Lukáš Michna
This article summarizes fundamental information on the Data Protection Officer required by the new EU re-gulation of the personal data protection by most of the personal data controllers and processors. The article attempts to bring response to questions like who is obligated to designate the DPO, what are its tasks and what is the DPO’s position. The article starts discussion and offers basic arguments whether to designate the DPO (considering specific conditions in the Czech Republic) as the employee or an external contractor.
 DSM | page 40


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