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DSM 2016/2

2016 2Main topic: Protection of personal data

 PUBLISHED: 30.6.2016

rr These articles were subject to peer-to-peer review

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Interview with Richard Clayton rr

Václav Matyáš
In order to bring real benefits any research needs data. When analysis the data the approach and work ethics are important aspects. The pitfalls, research possibilities and benefi ts of data analysis in the area of cyber-attacks. Richard Clayton is director at Cambridge Cloud Cybercrime Centre, University of Cambridge (UK). The aim of the centre is building one of the largest and most diverse data sets about cybercrime, which would also be available to other academic researchers for the research in cybercrime and the search for effective defences.

Envoys for personal data protection rr

Igor Němec
The obligation for public authorities to appoint an envoy for personal data protection (required by the new Directive of the European union) as seen by former President of the Offi ce for Personal Data Protection.

How does the new personal data protection look like according to the EU? rr

Martin Maisner
The article describes what does the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU bring, what principles are applied and how does it impact companies and organizations processing the personal data.

Health registers in Czech Republic rr

Vladimír Smejkal
The article analyses the development of the legal possibilities for collection and protection of data by government institution. It shows where our sensitive medical records are kept and what the State can legally collect. How are the data protected and what the laws specify regarding its location. Last but not least, the article describes what is included in the amendment of the Law no. 147/2016 (Healthcare Services), with effective date of 1 July, 2016.

Current trend in employees education rr

Karin Gubalová
If you want the users to follow the security measures the mere security training record is not enough. A couple of practical tips to ease the difficult task of increasing the security awareness.

How to strengthen the security of internet of things security rr

Jiří Sedlák
Internet of Things (IoT) will become the future phenomenon. Billions of tiny devices communicating over the Internet. The security of the Communication with be fundamental for its functionality and our privacy.

Forensic analysis of mobile devices – part II. rr

Jakub Kothánek, Jaroslav Kothánek
The second part of the series about the forensic analysis of mobile devices describes how to effectively extract information from the devices, what tools to use and how to use them. It deals with technical aspect of the extraction, suitable hardware and software and specifi c approaches for retrieving maximum information.

Threat Intelligence for detection, monitoring and analysis of the network traffic rr

Jaroslav Dočkal
A good cyber event detection system has many functions which are easy to use. Quality monitoring features, anomalies detection, incidents analysis within a timeline, effi ciency and minimal false positives detection… Will Threat Intelligence get by high standards of cybersecurity geeks?

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