Tomáš Pokorný a Richard Salač

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AI - Using natural language processing of open sources for building a security knowledge base

The paper describes the capabilities of building a security knowledge base as an important element in the implementation of Cyber Threat Intelligence. Described options will be backed by PoC outputs and real-life demonstrations.

Frequent problem of companies and our customers is the lack of cyber security staff. One approach to addressing this shortcoming is to build an intelligent knowledge base. This knowledge base must be focused on the Cyber Threat Intelligence field and domain. Presetnation will decribe the following phases:

  1. Collect relevant data using OSINT access. Data collection from websites, discussion forums, twitter and other sources where security threats and incidents are described.
  2. Analysis of threat descriptions. The descriptions are in most cases described in semi-structured form. At this stage, descriptions are analysed by a system that has natural language processing capabilities.
  3. Making the knowledge base available to analysts in the form of a well structured environment with analytical capabilities.

Ing. Tomáš Pokorný

pokorny Education:

Master of Science, Information systems, Military Academy in Brno
U.S. Army School of Information Technology, Fort Gordon, Gerogia, USA.
- Signal Officer Basic Course - 2002-2003
- Signal Captain Career Course - 2007-2008


From 1998 member of Ministry of Defence where graduated and continued on technical and later on managerial positions for 11 years with foreign operations and studies. From 2009 started to use technical and managerial skills from previous positions to support his aim to achieve sales and business strategy development proficiency. From 2015 sales director with overlap to product strategy development of DATERA.

Ing. Richard Salač

salac Education:

2014 – Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Vyech Technical Univerzity in Prague
- Master’s degree
- Graduated with honors and two Dean’s commendations


Richard Salač met BigData for the first time during his studies at FNSPE CTU in Prague when he participated on development of the data acquisition system for particle physics experiments at the world’s largest collider LHC at CERN in Geneva. In 2011 he joined IBM as an architect responsible for high available middleware integrations. Shortly after Richard became founding member of IBM Watson Innovations Lab covering worldwide activities in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. He is member of the Datera team since 2017 where takes responsibility for development of the EMMA foundation – an analytical platform for unstructured data analysis.


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