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DSM 2019/2

2016 4

Main topic: Digital footprint, behavioral analysis, blackout, ...
ISSUE DATE: 17.6.2019

rr These articles were subject to peer-to-peer review.

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Interview with Jaroslav Jakubček

Adam Lamser
Jaroslav Jakubček works in European Cybercrime Centre within the Europol as the only representative from both Czech Republic and Slovakia. We interviewed him regarding the nature of his job as well as the issues he is currently coping with.
DSM | page 6

How do users think about security in the context of mobile banking? rr

Petr Doležal, Agáta Dařbujanová, Lenka Knapová
The article focuses on security from user perspective. The theoretical introduction outlines the concept of mental models and the importance of their exploration for the development of secure systems. The practical part presents the results of a user study of authentication methods in mobile banking.
DSM | page 11

Security of mobile health technologies (mHealth) rr

Zdeněk Gütter
The use of mobile health applications (mHealth) – by both professionals and patients – is associated with many safety issues. The article describes how different types of security affect the efficiency, reliability, credibility and quality of mobile applications in practice. At the same time, it aims to stimulate discussion among security experts in the Czech Republic on the phenomenon of mobile applications, whose comprehensive questions do not yet have a universal solution in the EU countries with the common market.
DSM | page 16

Blackout - Energy companies are preparing to minimize the consequences rr

Pavel Veselka
In the case of a Blackout people will appreciate any help and information. The author describes the experience from the joint exercise of the electricity distributor and the regional offices. He emphasizes the importance of quick transmission of a qualified situation report, cooperation and communication among the people and the affected institutions. The energy business is trying to help by activating local electricity sources.
DSM | page 22

Blockchain and security rr

Jakub Jedlinský
The paper deals with the issue of security of distributed ledger technologies (DLT), focusing on the blockchain. In the first part, it assesses the not well studied topic, namely the role of trust in these DLTs. It does so from a broader systemic perspective. DLTs are referred to as a trustless solution, which is misleading, at best. The second part is devoted to the issue of new security challenges that users themselves have to deal with.
DSM | page 25

Utilizing artificial intelligence in IT security rr

Michal Hebeda
The autor describes the development and real use of artificial intelligence in practice in the field of IT security. In particular, he deals with the broader use of machine learning and its phases, and also defines areas in which artificial intelligence can help to improve safety.
DSM | page 30

How to deal with risks – Part III. rr

Richard Michálek
Another part of the series called “How to deal with risks” brings the specifics of information security risk analysis and management, as well as a practical approach for implementation and tips on reducing workload and improving comprehensibility.
DSM | page 33

Case study: the implementation of DLP in Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna rr

Matej Zachar
This case study discusses the implementation of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system in a real environment. Giving an example of Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna (Czech industrial health insurance company), the article presents specific steps of the implementation project; from an initial analysis to the user acceptance phase. Apart from the architecture of the solution, the focus is laid also on the specific concept and policies used for the implementation to the company’s internal environment.
DSM | page 38

DevOps – Part IV. rr

Vladimír Kufner
This article summarizes the best practices in the area of DevOps implementation, points out the most usual mistakes and things to be avoided. It describes specific DevOps requirements and recommendations such as organizational structures, processes and roles.
DSM | page 42

Holistic approach to cyber security rr

Miroslav Nečas
Cyber security can no longer be viewed just as an ICT issue. Instead, it must be approached holistically. This means perceiving cyber security in the context of fulfilling the organisation’s mission and maintaining its competitiveness, requiring a strengthening interdisciplinary communication within the company and the ability to link information from the ICT infrastructure with information from other internal and external sources. This can be efficiently implemented using a platform that consolidates information from SIEM systems, competitive intelligence, production systems, asset management systems and other information sources.
DSM | page 48

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