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DSM 2015/4

2015 4Main topic: End of safe time

 PUBLISHED: 8.12.2015

rr These articles were subject to peer-to-peer review

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Interview with Igor Němec

Petr Hampl
Mr. Nemec, former head of Czech offi ce for Personal Data Protection,speaks about changing trends, attitude of big companies and their most common failings in personal data protection. Differences between European and American mentalities are discussed as well.

Interview with Gilad Yoshi

Petr Hampl
Anybody can become a target of sophisticated attacks, cofounder of CyberGym project says. The personality of a defender, best practices and implementation of military experience in small businesses environment are discussed as well.

Personal data handling after Safe Harbor annulation rr

Lenka Suchánková
The article explains latest decision of European Union Court Yard and its impact on services of data centers. It tells a story of famous “privacy” activist Maximilian Schrems, whose legal battle against Facebook resulted in complete annulation of Safe Harbor agreement.

Executive Orders connected to Czech Cybersecurity Act – part IV. rr

Vladimír Smejkal
The author describes contents of the executive order about security measures, incidents, reactive measures and mandatory properties of reports and security documents. The second part of the article is focused on certifi cations and classification of information security incidents.

Sexual revolution impact on information security rr

Petr Hampl
The article answer the following question. What are roots of general loss of interest in privacy protection? It shows that difference between private space and public space has ceased and that original reasons of this differences were based on defense against hostile environment and protecting sexual intimacy. It also shows reasons of decrease of price of sex as a woman owned resource.

Current state of standardization of security in cloud rr

Jaroslav Dočkal
The article discusses current situation and key trend in security standards for cloud computing. It tries to identify the key standards and understand their mutual relations. It also explains reasons of differences between standards for security, portability and interoperability.

Security of mobile applications rr

Lukáš Bláha
The initial part of article focuses on differences between mobile technologies and legacy technologies, such as web and desktop. The second part describes TOP 10 mobile security risks based on OWASP methodology. Key vulnerabilities are mentioned in each category of risks.

Effective cybernetic defense – Part I. rr

Pavel Klimeš
The fi rst part of the serial is mostly dedicated to the history. It bring an overview of up to now technologies, including antivirus, fi rewalls, intrusion prevention systems, complex data protection, SIEM and advanced solutions for detection of network abnormalities.

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