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Information Security Summit

The 12th International Conference on Information Security
May, 25. - 26., 2011 Prague
Kláštěr minoritů sv. Jakuba

The main theme of this conference is:
Crisis plans and security

Under patronage of:

Ing. Jiří Jirka, The Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Mgr. Michal Moroz, The Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
RNDr. Jiří Schlanger, The Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Bc. Vladimír Šiška, MBA, The Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic
Ing. Jaroslav Šmíd, The Deputy Director at the National Security Authority

Mgr. Zdeněk Zajíček, The Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic

An unique opportunity to meet with excellent top experts in Prague:

EUGENE SCHULTZ - member of the Information Systems Security Association Hall of Fame, Chief Technology Officer at Emagined Security and holder of the NASA Technical Excellence Award
DANILO GLIGOROSKI - leading cryptologist and co-author of the Norwegian-Czech BMW hash function design
RAMSES GALLEGO - general manager at Entel IT Consulting
MARTIN KAŠŠA & LIBOR ŠIROKÝ - crisis plans where minutes are essentia
DENIS KÜGLER -  firsthand experience with German new electronic IDs
MATHEW PEMBLE -  previously founder and manager of the “Incident and Threat Management” team for Royal Bank of Scotland Group


• Creation of crisis scenarios and plans (CSaP)
Detection and prediction of incidents
Testing and security of CSaP
• Reaction to incidents
• Case studies and experience with CSaP
• Electronic payments
• Back-up and restore
Web security
• Cloud computing and security
• Classification (of data, incidents, etc.)
• Security of mobile computing

Program Committee

■ Eva Racková, KPMG a DSM

■ Rudolf Haňka, University of Cambridge
■ Zdeněk Kaplan, Česká pojišťovna a DSM 
■ Vašek Matyáš, MU Brno a DSM  
■ Jan Mikulecký, RAC a DSM     
■ Zdeněk Říha, MU Brno
■ Eugene Schultz, Emagined Security


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