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Information Security Summit

The 7th International Conference on Information Security
May, 24. - 25., 2006 Praha
Ball room of Prague castle

The main theme of this conference is:
Security on the move

General information
Information Security Summit (IS2) is an international conference on information security. Security on the Move has been proposed as the main area of interest for this conference. The conference is aimed at senior- and mid-level management.

Mark Lomas - Leading expert in information security in the financial sector (Goldman Sachs International, Reuters), currently responsible for information security of European and American branches of the Arab Bank Group.
Marus Kuhn - Leading world authority in electronic intelligence of computer systems – monitoring of information emitted by computer systems
Martin Meints - Government expert at the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection of the Federal State of Hessen with experience from projects concerning the security of mobile police systems.
Tim Pritlove - Programmer, professor, consultant and long-term hacker, coordinator of congresses of the world-wide organization, The Chaos Computer Club.
Eugene Schultz -  U.S. Government consultant during the Gulf War, Editor in Chief of the journal, Computers and Security, consultant to the government and bank institutions in the CR.


• Security Policy for Mobile Environments;
• Updating Security Policy;
• Changes Management;
• Incidents Response;
• The ICT security trends;
• Mobility and identity;
• Remote access the Evergreen of the ICT security.

Program Committee

■ Vojtěch Jákl, MFF UK a DSM

■ Miroslav Hübner, PRE a DSM
■ Zdeněk Kaplan, ČT a DSM
■ Vašek Matyáš, MU Brno a DSM
■ Eva Racková, KPMG a DSM
■ Zdeněk Říha, MU Brno a JRC EC Ispra
■ Tomáš Rosa, eBanka
■ Eugene Schultz, University of California, USA

Partners of IS2


 IS2 is organized by
General partners
dsm  ICZ


  Special partners
  HP ca



   In association with
  CIIA   Cacio  

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