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Information Security Summit

The 5th International Conference on Information Security
May 26. - 27, 2004 Prague, Czech Republic
Ball room of Prague castle

The main theme of this conference is:
5 years in security with IS2 - the past and the future

General information:
Information Security Summit (IS2) is an international conference on information security, focusing this year on 5 years in security with IS2 – the past and the future. The conference is aimed at senior- and mid-level management.

An unique opportunity to meet with excellent personalities in Prague:

Fred Cohen - is best known as the person who defined the term "computer virus"
Rowan Bosworth-Davies -
a lawyer and a former Fraud Squad detective at New Scotland Yard, is widely recognised as a leading international expert in the area of providing education and consulting services in the field of fraund prevention and anti-money laundering awareness programmes.
Bill Hancock - well-known network and security consultant, designer and engineer, U.S. network expert to the ISO. Bill is the chair of the FCC NRIC Homeland Defense focus group on cybersecurity.
Václav Jirovský - Associated professor of Computer Science, main research focus computer crime, also acting as expert witness appointed by the Czech department of Justice. Topic of his lecture: "Defacement - graffiti or terrorist weapon.
Angela Sasse -  Professor of Human-Centred Technology in the Department of Science at University College London, author and co-authored a more than a dozen publications on human-centered approaches to security, trust and privacy.


• System complexity and its impact on security
• Security benchmarking, self-appraising
• Security of outsourcing and co-sourcing of IT operations
• Security in small organisations
• Perspective technologies of the next five years
• How to become a successful security manager – tips and tricks
• Identification and interpretation of non-standard situations

Program Committee

■ Eva Racková, KPMG a DSM

■ Jiří Halouzka, PricewaterhouseCoopers a DSM
■ Vojtěch Jákl, MFF UK a DSM
■ Zdeněk Kaplan, ČSOB, DSM
■ Ivan Kopáčik, Gordias, Slovenská republika
■ Vašek Matyáš, MU Brno, a DSM
■ Tomáš Rosa, eBanka a FEL ČVUT Praha
■ Zdeněk Říha, MU Brno
■ Viktor Seige, NESS a DSM
■ Iva Steinerová, Česká pošta a CACIO
■ Jozef Vyskoč, VaF a DSM

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