Karel Obluk

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Information threats as opportunities

Information threats in various forms are not only in decline, but still growing, despite of all investments in information security. There are many reasons. Besides basically simple reason in place "money behind it" and there are ever-increasing complexity of information systems as such, the growing dependence of society on technology and the lack of qualified experts to geopolitical and military-strategic considerations. Summing up the typical types and categories of recent IT attacks, we are going to find a fairly wide range of opportunities for new products and services, as well as interesting investment opportunities for investors.

The paper briefly describes current types of threats, from the most simple, but most common, to some very sophisticated attacks. In short, author is going to summarize the current ways and technologies to combat of these threats and outlines the main trends and segments of development that the author faces as an investor in this area.

Karel Obluk


 Karel Obluk is partner at Evolution Equity Partners, a multi-stage international investor leveraging deep sector expertise to help exceptional entrepreneurs develop market leading companies with global reach.

Karel is a seasoned executive and investor with strong IT background, with experience in top management positions. Over the past decade, he helped to grow one of the most successful AV companies AVG Technologies, publicly listed at  NYSE (NYSE:AVGT), recently acquired by Avast. As an acting CEO and CTO, he proved not only his technical but also managerial and business skills. After leaving AVG, Karel has been primarily active as an investor and advisor, he was  venture partner of Credo Ventures and more recently partner of Evolution Equity. In this role, he focuses on investments in technology companies that apply new innovative approaches to security, such as Cognitive Security - acquired by  Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO), SecurityScorecard, OpenDNS (NASDAQ:CSCO), Onapsis, CarbonBlack, DFLabs, Eperi or Logpoint.

Karel holds a doctorate and masters’ degree in computer science from the Brno University of Technology, Czech republic. He was awarded a Kauffman Fellowship by the Palo Alto based Society of Kauffman Fellows. 

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