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Remote Signature and Qualified Seal, eIDAS and Digital Trust in Czech Technical University

The eIDAS Regulation and the Trust Services Act for Electronic Transactions provide new ways to deal with legal effects in the online environment. Trust in the digital world consists of electronic identity and trust services based on electronic signature, seal and timestamp. The conceptual and architecturally correct implementation is central managed infrastructure services built on certified security technologies available for each information system and application.

CTU project - central solution for remote electronic signature and creation of qualified electronic seals is a practical example of digital trust infrastructure implementation in the university environment. The project reflects the requirements placed on Czech public universities in the field of electronic communication and handling electronic documents in the basic areas of their competence (except primary educational):

  • university as a public authority providing communication obligations with candidates, students and other target groups;
  • university as an international educational and research institution providing services to ensure full mobility of students, employees and scientific partners
  • university as a legal entity fulfilling obligations in the area of external communication with the public administration and private entities.

Ing. Radek Holý



Radek Holý is Vice-Rector for Information System of CTU in Prague. He graduated from FEE CTU and works at the Department of Applied Informatics in Transportation at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of CTU. It deals with processes of identification and localization with focus on analysis and preparation of new services. His competences at CTU include the design of strategies and concepts for the development of the information system (information strategy), ensuring the setting of the IS / ICT management system, the information security management system (ISMS) and the application of program and project management of the information system development.



Ing. Petr Dolejší



He has worked for a long time as a senior business consultant at SEFIRA, focusing on applying security technologies in information systems. He is actively involved in the design and preparation of new projects actively working with electronic signature. He studied Mathematical and Software Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He has experience in various positions in projects with a predominant focus as an analyst, project manager and IS architect.



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