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Privacy and Security for a National Census in the eras of GDPR, Equality and the Cloud

Most countries conduct a decadal or five-yearly census. Paper will elaborate on numerous challenges linked to the fact that nowadays, most citizens would expect that Census should be completed online. There are some specific issues associated with speaker's responsibilities in Scotland, some of them are more generic. For example the UK Equalities Act requires the government to provide appropriate support and services to citizens for which sensitive personal data is required. Despite of specific privilege of the Census, some of the requirements on logging and documentation might be challenging. Digital First Act shifted the expectations on interaction between citizens and government to On-line and Mobile platforms. Economy of Census and similar projects lads to use of Cloud, but with Senitive data that is not easy under GDPR. Other concerns include ensuring availability and integrity across whole Census period. The presentation will cover these and associ ated issues, the difficulties of manning security teams in the public sector, and our efforts to provision systems towards a Census rehearsal in Oct 2019.

Eur Ing. Matthew William Arthur Pemble, CEng, FBCS, MIET


Matthew is one of the founders and directors of Goucher Consulting, a niche security consultancy, specialising in corporate standards and compliance. Perhaps recently best known for his contributions to security testing and incident management, Matthew also has considerable experience in policy-based and technical security. As well has having worked for the military, and private sector organisations ranging from large banks to small consultancies, he has also provided product development support to various security vendors, including Cronto and Qualys Inc.

Matthew is the primary author of “A CIO’s Guide to Information Security Incident Management” and has contributed to a number of other books and the trade press. He is also one of the authors and reviewers for the Security section of the “Skills for the Information Age” framework and an author and marker for the British Computer Society’s Data Protection Professional Certificates.

He currently spends much of his time working on the privacy and security issues regarding Scotland’s next census.

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