Miroslava Matoušová

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Personal data, regulation and Oversight

Regulation of personal data processing is generally understood in a narrowed way, especially taking into account the importance and use of personal data in our combined electronic and contact communication space. The article will present the objectives and tools for regulation and oversight in this area from the point of view of the supervisory body involved in international cooperation in the area of personal data protection.

PhDr. Miroslava Matoušová



After a start in specialized information services in the Czechoslovakia worked on several positions in central government bodies of the Czech Republic from 1990 till 2001. She was an inspector of Personal Data Protection Office (Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů) from 1st June 2001 till 31st May 2011. She is still employed by this government body, currently devoting her time mainly to the implementation of a new regulatory regime for personal data. She works in the area of personal data protection from 1991, then dealing with the first ever legislation on personal data protection. She is a co-author of several publications for information services and personal data protection.

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