Etay Maor

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Money for nothing, footprints for free 

If you have ever read Sherlock Holmes books (or saw the series or movies) you know the drill – with a quick scan of an individual Sherlock would deduce a lot of information about where he/she has been, their daily routine, whether they are having an affair or trying to hide an addiction and much more. To the viewer it would seem like magic, for Sherlock it was a trivial process analyzing visual clues and information.
How much information about ourselves are we sharing? How much data are our devices leaking? Can an attacker spy on us using nothing but freely available footprints? During this session we will look at the continuously growing OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) toolset and how easy it is to profile a target even if you are not Sherlock Holmes. It’s elementary...later ...

Etay Maor  

maorEtay is an executive security advisor at IBM Security, where he leads security and fraud fighting awareness and research. A security evangelist, Etay regularly presents at industry events and academic master classes as well as volunteer for educational security awareness programs.

Previously, Etay was the Head of RSA’s Cyber Threats Research Labs where he managed malware research and intelligence teams and was part of cutting edge security research.

Etay holds a BA in Computer Science and a MA in Counter Terrorism and Cyber Terrorism, he was a teaching assistant at an Introduction to Cyber Security course and contributed to the ICT (International Institute for Counterterrorism) in cybersecurity and cyberterrorism topics.

Sample of conferences where Etay presented:2018 RSA Asia AI for Cybersecurity Seminar Manager, 2017 Georgia State Cyber Security, 2015 Infosec World, 2014 Singapore GovWare, 2014 ISCD Hungary, 2014 RSA Asia, 2014 Disruptive Innovation in Security Technology (URJC Summer University Course, Madrid) 2014 RSA USA, 2014 DCOI (Defensive Cyberspace Operations & Intelligence), 2014 IBM Pulse, 2014 IBM Impact, 2013 RSA Europe, 2013 UK Payment Council, 2013 INSS (Institute for National Security Studies) 2012 APWG, 2012 Technion TCE, 2011 FST Singapore, 2010 ITWeb (S.Africa) and many more

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