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All our Futures Past: The Role of Information Asymmetries in Cyber Attack and Cyber Defence

The field of cybersecurity has undergone profound change over the last 20 years. But one thing has remained consistent throughout - the role information asymmetries have played in shaping our capacity for cyber attack and cyber defence. These asymmetries are not limited to knowledge of specific actors or threats. They extend to our knowledge of the macro and micro forces shaping our security posture, our knowledge of current and emerging technologies, our operational capabilities, and our ability to imagine how the cybersecurity landscape is likely to evolve.

This presentation will provide an overview of the asymmetries that have informed our current cybersecurity posture, and those that we believe will emerge over the coming decade. It will provide recommendations on how these asymmetries can be sought, how they will be exploited, and the legal, ethical and operational challenges they are likely to bring. The emphasis here will be given to the role of the individual learner as the principal generator of asymmetry, and the role of education, culture and judgement in cultivating these advantages.

Chris Pallaris

pallarisChris Pallaris is Director and Principal Consultant of i-intelligence, a commercial intelligence consultancy based in Zurich, Switzerland. i-intelligence works to improve the intelligence, foresight and risk management capabilities of public and private sector organizations around the globe.

Prior to launching i-intelligence, Chris served as Executive Editor of the International Relations and Security Network (ISN), where he led the development of the organization's news and information services. He has also worked as a freelance journalist and as an analyst in the Disputes, Analysis and Investigations division of Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC).

In addition to his consulting work, Chris holds several teaching positions including at Mercyhurst University's Department of Intelligence Studies, Vesalius College in Brussels, and the ZHAW's School of Management and Law. He is also a regular lecturer at the NATO School in Oberammergau, NATO’s Center of Excellence, Defence Against Terrorism in Ankara, Turkey, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy(GCSP), and ETH Zurich.

Chris has a degree in International History from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and an MBA from the Open University.

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