Anne C. Bader

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Situating Cyber in the Language of Risk

“Cyber technology is a tool that provides linkages to all aspects of earth's activities. Its power is unquestioned. Its capacity is not fully understood. It links people intimately and in real time in a new social dynamic. It is used as essential infrastructure supporting commerce, energy, finance, security, transport and communication. It has no tactile identity and no substitute.”

A.C.Bader Wilton Park podcast October, 2010

As I write this, Cyber connects all risk. But it’s taken more than a decade for the global community to begin to understand that statement. Historically, cyber has been the protectorate of technologists. When cyber grew to be national security threats, governments and business strove to defend their assets. And they relied on the traditional language of risk with its measurement of recognized values and variability with known limits-a standard deviation. Now we have Black Swans and Unknown Unknowns, Artificial Intelligence and an ever-expanding recognition that cyber has changed how we treat risk and uncertainty. Just this year, cyber risk is measured with probabilistic risk models, products and best practices.

Over the past two years, there has been dramatic change and progress in managing cyber risk. In this presentation we will share how language of risk moved from linear systems that rely on control to complex, adaptable frameworks and protocols that rely on partnerships and trust.

Anne C. Bader

khantunaFounder, The International Cybersecurity Dialogue

Anne C. Bader is Principal, Bader Resources, LLC, Founder of The International Cybersecurity Dialogue and a Senior Associate Fellow of the Institute of Statecraft, London.

Previously, Mrs. Bader served as a Senior Research Fellow and Director, Advanced Research Assessment Group, The Defence Academy of The United Kingdom, UK; Visiting Programme Director, Wilton Park; Executive Vice President, The Fund for Peace; Vice President of the Atlantic Council of the United States; Trinity College and Business Executives for National Security, US.

A citizen of Canada and the United States, she received a NATO award and is an Honorary Citizen of Hungary.

Mrs. Bader is a graduate of Trinity University. Memberships include the National Press Club, Women in International Security, The Cyber Security Summit Advisory Board and the Board of the Hungarian American Coalition.

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