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Jan Andraščík

Jan Andraščík is a consultant in the Security & Privacy team of Deloitte Czech Republic’s ICT Consulting function. During his career, he has been a part of several advisory projects in information security as well as several information security audits across Europe and Asia. He specialises in technical security, particularly of operating systems, databases, computer networks and applications. Currently, he is concerned with the security of mobile platforms and mobile applications. He successfully passed the CISA and CISM international certification exams of the ISACA organisation, where he also acts as a member of the Student and Academic Sub-Committee.


Petra Gerhartová

Petra Gerhartová works as a consultant in the Security & Privacy team Deloitte Czech Republics’ ICT consulting department. She focuses on information systems and mobile device security. Her specialisation is in analysing theanalysis of logical and physical security of corporate assets and the assessment of IT security compliance with the ISO 27002 standard. She has extensive experience with security and IT audits, including the security analysis of operating systems, databases, networks and processes. She has taken part in the design of the security requirements for IT systems and mobile applications. She has also worked on risk analysis and risk management design projects.



BYOD2 – wearables: what do they give to and take from companies?

The world is becoming smarter. Our consumer society likes “smart” trends and always expects new types of “smart” devices. There is no more evident innovation than in the rapidly evolving field of wearable technology. What it provides and what it takes away should be of interest not only to potential users but also to the companies to which the technology will be brought. Our paper tries to find an answer to this question. It briefly introduces currently existing wearable devices and their possible usage. Further, it speculates on their possible use in the corporate environment and the provision of an adequate level of security for saving and processing corporate data. As well as the mobile devices owned by end users, wearable devices also bring risks that have to be faced.

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