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Panel Discussion - Path to eHealth in the Czech Republic?


eHealth is actually a hot topic of Czech Republic health care for many reasons – searching for efficiency, achieving better services, digitalization of agendas, etc. eHealth area has faced the experience of successful projects (regional communications Ambulance / Hospital) and failures (IZIP ...) as well. Currently there is the National Strategy for eHealth (NSeZ) under preparation, which should significantly help the development of eHealth in the Czech Republic. We would like to focus our panel discussion on:

  • Where are we going within eHealth in the Czech Republic…
  • Are all the necessary basics ready to allow digitalization…
  • Are there formulated the right priorities - registers, insurance houses…
  • How the experience of successful projects and failures can help us…
  • Security goes hand in hand with the digitalization - Do we have security in mind when creating eHealth...




    doc. MUDr. Leoš Heger, CSc.

    Heger   Member of the Czech Parliament, Member of the City Board of Hradec Králové, former Minister of Health, former director of the University Hospital in Hradec Kralove. Since the early 90s he was active not only at the faculty (as Dean for Development), but gradually became a member of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health, the chairman of the Association of Hospitals and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Internal Grant Agency of the Ministry of Health. In the period 1993-2009 he worked as medical deputy director and later director of University Hospital. In connection with the entry into the big league politics he resigned as director of UH HK. In 2010 he was elected as Member of Parliament (representing TOP 09) and later became Minister of Health, keeping the post until the fall of the Nečas government (i.e. until July 10, 2013). He defended mandate of the Member of the Czech Parliament in the autumn of 2013 and in October 2014 he was elected as a councilor of Hradec Kralove.

    Ing. Jiří Borej


    Ing. Soňa Měrtlová


    Ing. Petr Pavlinec


    Currently Head of the Department of Informatics of the Regional Authority of Vysocina Region (one of 14 Czech Regions). Born in 1976, graduated from the University of Economics in Prague in the fields of information technology, knowledge engineering and economics. His professional career in ICT began in 1996 as a programmer and systems administrator CAD BOSCH Automation. Since 1999 he worked as an internet node administrator in Elson company. In 2000, he became product manager for the ERP system SRS Czech company Emel Brno.

    Since 2001 he is working as head of the Department of ICT (CIO) in Regional Authority. During his work at the regional office became vice-president of Commission of Informatics, Association of Czech Regions (2002-2004), chairman of the GIS Working Group of Czech Regions (since 2005) and member of The Government Council for Information Technology (2013).


    Mgr. Josef Prokeš


    Chaired by:

    Lukáš Klášterský

    klastersky   Lukáš Klášterský is actually working in CTO area at Erste group, which is the leading provider of Financial Services in Central Europe. Prior that, Lukas spent 20 years of professional career in IT and Telco area, he is experienced in Service , Project and Transformation Delivery and Expert knowledge of ICT Trends. He worked in various management positions debis IT Services Czech (Later T-system), Lucent technologies, Telefonica O2, Česká pojištovna/Generali Group.

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