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  Security - a technical problem or a people problem?
prof. R. Needham (Microsoft Research Cambridge, Great Britain )
... member of Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering
  IS/IT Security Management
M. Hübner ( PRE, CACIO, Czech Republic )
  The Future of Information Security Management
N. Hickson ( CBI, Great Britain )
... Head of UK team for UNCITRAL, deeply involved in BS 7799 standard definition
  Which standard to select in practice for IT security management
A. Hönigová (Concord-Eracom Czech, Czech Republic )
...former Chief Security Officer in Czech National Bank
  Properties of Protection Goals and their Integration into a User Interface
A. Pfitzmann, G. Wolf ( TU Dresden, Germany )
  Recent development in cryptography
A. Lenstra (Citibank, USA)
...Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Citibank, New York

Panel discussion
" Quo Vadis E-conomy: How Far Can One Go With Monitoring Employees? "
moderator: Z. Kaplan (ČSOB, Czech republic )

P. Halický
V. Budinský (Logica, Czech republic )
M. Maisner (Fiala, Profous, Maisner & spol., Czech republic )
T. Martínek (EMC Computer Systems, Czech Republic )


  Cryptography of the 21st Century
J. Gruska (MU Brno, Czech Republic )
...recipient of IFIP Silver Core Medal and IEEE Computer Pioneer Award
  Making Information security work in practice?
R. Goudriaan (ING Group , the Netherlands )
... Information Security Officer for ING world-wide, editor of the BS 7799-1:1999
  Information security management that has missed its purpose study
K. Miko (DCIT Czech Republic )
  Security aspects in B2M2C applications study
M. G. Fugini, P. Plebani (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
... Associate Professor of Computer Science at Politecnico di Milano
  Legal Aspects of The Business Intelligence
M. Maisner (Fiala, Profous, Maisner & spol., Czech Republic )
  Incident Response: Tracking Them Down
B. Hancock (Exodus Communications, USA)
... Senior Vice President in Exodus Communications, Inc.
  Czech Information Security Survey - 2 Years after
V. Seige, J. Halouzka (DSM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Czech Republic)

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