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Gavin Michael is Accenture’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer. He drives the innovation and ecosystem agenda, including the company’s technology vision, the R&D agenda with technology alliances and the Accenture Technology Labs, and the alliances strategy and execution. Gavin also leads the Accenture Global CIO Council, a group of 200 of Accenture’s most important clients. He joined Accenture in April 2010 with more than 20 years of experience in technology leadership in the Financial Services Industry, and has significant experience in driving major business change. A published author, he holds a PhD in Computer Science from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Science (with honors) from the University of Western Australia. Gavin currently resides with his wife and son in Los Altos Hills, California.




Data privacy is central to the discussion about IT security and the new level of threats which organizations face today. Despite significant investment in security, many organizations are not prepared for newer, non-traditional forms of security attacks and privacy breaches, and they are becoming increasingly exposed because they are increasingly connected. Gavin Michael, Accenture’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer, will discuss how leveraging new data platforms and orchestrating security resources and responses forms the second line of defence against the current threats to data privacy and IT systems.

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